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Metallurgical Testwork

has extensive experience in many different kinds of metallurgical testwork programs. 

Our overriding philosophy for process development is as follows: 
  • Use standard technology that can be rapidly taken into production.
  • Maximize recovery of pay metals.
  • Achieve a commercial quality concentrates or metals.
  • Minimize operating costs, principally by saving on comminution and reagent consumptions.
  • Minimize capital costs, principally by saving on comminution requirements.
  • Keep the flowsheet simple.
  • Minimize the cost of tailings disposal.
  • Develop a low cost environmental management system for hazardous wastes.
  • Ensure that the process will be effective as projected for all mining blends, particularly in the first five years.
  • Recover potential secondary income streams.
  • Review and fortify the site wide water balance.
  • Identify and quantify project risks regularly.
  • Use existing technologies to mitigate critical risks.


  • Coordination with geologists and mining engineers
  • Definition of geological domains
  • Definition of point samples
  • Definition of composites
  • Assurance that sufficient sample is available
  • Assurance that the samples are representative
  • Assurance of chain of custody
  • Complete documentation
  • Preservation of sample integrity
  • Maximize use out of available material

Laboratory Management

  • Scope definition
  • Competitive bidding
  • Laboratory selection
  • Work order preparation
  • Coordination of sample delivery
  • Testwork supervision
  • Expert advice to client
  • Supportive directions to laboratory
  • Rapid problem solving
  • Quality checks
  • Assurance that all required data is acquired
  • Appropriate analysis of the results
  • Metallurgical projections for mine plans
  • Complete documentation
  • Budget compliance
  • Schedule management